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Kenneth Turker
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We’ve all been there before, in the middle of a task or project that requires creativity and motivation. You sit down to work on it but are overcome by boredom. It feels like you take one step forward only to be knocked two steps back when you lose your energy and excitement about what you’re doing. But there are ways to find inspiration again! Here are five magic words that will help you stay motivated:

The first word is “just.” This has the power of turning a difficult mental corner that you might be struggling with, like trying to get out of bed in the morning or finishing an assignment at work. When things seem too difficult to accomplish right now, saying “I just need to do this” can be effective. It takes away the feeling that you have to tackle something big, and instead focuses on doing what’s necessary one step at a time.

The second word is “yet.” This powerful word can turn any negative thought around by simply adding it after another statement like “I can’t do this yet” or “I’m not ready.” If you find yourself struggling to complete a task at work, try saying “This is hard right now, but I can handle it and get through it if I say ‘yet’ after every negative thought.”

The third word is “and.” It might sound silly, but adding this simple conjunction after a difficult task can be the best remedy for fatigue and frustration. For example, if you’re trying to tackle your laundry pile that’s been sitting in your room for weeks because it feels too overwhelming, say “I will fold my clothes now… And put them away.” It will feel like you’ve already done the task and it’s just a matter of following through on your decision.

The fourth word is “when.” This one can be tough to remember when you’re in the thick of motivation-sucking tasks, but saying “I’ll do this… When _____” can be effective. It gives you something to look forward to, which helps with motivation at the moment because it’s not about what you’re doing right now but rather creating a new experience down the line that makes your task easier.

The fifth word is “because.” This one works especially well when paired with another person — for example when you’re working with a coworker to complete a task and need motivation. Saying “I’ll do this because _____,” or even just saying it aloud can help you stay motivated and on track at the moment. The reasoning behind what you say doesn’t have to be super deep — it could simply be that your partner will help you stay accountable, or that your partner is depending on you to complete the task.

Speaking out loud about each word and the task you’re working on can be helpful. For example, “I will fold my clothes now… Just because it’s time to clean up this room!” Positive self-talk is an effective way to stay motivated, especially when you have a simple phrase that can help motivate you in any situation.

There are many ways to stay motivated. One way is using the words “just”, “yet”, “and”, “when” and because”. These five magic words will help you stay on track with your tasks, which can be difficult without some motivation. The best part? You don’t have to use all of these phrases at once! For example, if you’re trying to get out of bed in the morning but find it hard to say “I’ll do this… Just when I’m done sleeping” or even just saying aloud that “It’s time for me to wake up now!” This can motivate us enough so we simply spring out of bed and start our day off right. Give one a try today and let me know how it goes!

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